Before the beginning of the summer, we start importing Grapes from Italy and this until the end of the year. In the different regions in Italy we are always searching for the tastiest and most beautiful grapes, ripen under the sun.

Grapes and the family Guidofruit

The family Heerman descends from a generation of grape growers in Overijse. Guido Heerman (Senior) was a pioneer in the import of Italian Grapes. Throughout the years, the selection of grapes changed continuously resulting today in a broad range of grapes. We offer white blue, red, with seed and different seedless varieties:

  • Black magicIMG_0632
  • italia
  • victoria
  • palieri
  • red globe
  • crimson
  • sugarone
  • thompson seedless

Production areas

  • Sicily is one of the most southern regions of Europe. A lot of grapes are grown on this island, due to the power of the sun, which gives them their rich flavor.
  • Puglia is another important production region in mainland Italy, likewise the grapes are from superior quality.
  • Before the start of the Italian season we import grapes from Egypt which allows us to offer delicious grapes before the start of the Italian season.


We sell grapes from the following brands:

  • AgrilodiIMG_1196
  • Cantatore
  • La bella assai
  • Le due C
  • Uva che piache
  • Uva star
  • San Luis
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