Guidofruit in a nutshell

Guidofruit is located in Brussels, Belgium and imports already for over half a century fruit coming from various fruit regions such as Spain, Italy, France, etc.

The company was founded in 1963 by Guido Heerman together with his wife, his follow-up is guaranteed by his sons. In the meantime, Dirk Heerman and Guido Junior Heerman are committed to bring as a family company fruit of superior quality day-after-day.


Since the start, Guidofruit is a supporter of sustainable products, with this philosophy in mind we’ve always chosen the best manufacturers to work with. We trust on their know-how, they know exactly how to harvest their fruit and vegetables in the most optimal circumstances, taste, color and size.

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We are specialized in seasonal fruit. Our supply will change throughout the year depending on the season, meaning that we buy the products when they are produced in Europe in optimal circumstances. The majority of our imported fruit originates from Spain or Italy, ripen under the sun!

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