Oranges and clementines

Llusar, active since 1926 and operating from Valencia, Spain, is specialized in the cultivation of oranges and clementines.
The citrus brand Llusar is built by constantly searching for the right variety and the best production methods. Their goal is to bring beautiful and tasteful fruit to the market.

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Family owned company

Just like Guidofruit, Llusar is a family business, where they live for their products and customers. They have elaborated everything in order to present their products in a magnificent way.

Llusar and Guidofruit

Throughout the whole year, the brand Llusar is represented by Guidofruit.

During the Spanish production season we receive daily new shipments of Llusar oranges, clementines, Clemengold, Orri, etc… During the summer months we import oranges and Nadarcott from South Africa under the brand name Llusar. They also have plantations overseas so they can offer oranges of high quality throughout the year. Due to their passion for citrus fruit and their years of experience they became a well-known brand in the Belgian market, loved by retailers and customers, a must-have for every wholesaler and retailer.

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