Clementines with leaf

Tomega is since years specialized in clementines with leaf. In Belgium the consumers like to see the fresh leaves on their clementines and Tomega, coming from Valencia in Spain focuses on this need. We market clementines with leaves under the brand names Hey and Tomega, depending on the variety. Both brands guarantee a fresh and honest product of exceptional quality.

Seasonal clementines

The season of the Spanish clementines starts in September until February, the varieties follow each other seamlessly:

  • ClemenrubiIMG_1740
  • Oronules
  • Marisol
  • Clemenules
  • Clemenvilla
  • Nadorcott

Clementines Tomega Brussels (Belgium)

Guidofruit works since several years together with Tomega and imports on a daily basis trucks loaded with clementines into Brussels, Belgium.

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